This Is What “13 Reasons Why” Really Teaches Us

If, like me, you have not finished watching the Netflix Original “13 Reasons Why” because you found the themes too confronting, the main character rather self-centred and most of the scenes overly dramatic, I will spare you thirteen precious hours of your life and tell you how the series ends: Clay Jensen realises that he could have prevented Hannah Baker’s suicide if he had only been brave enough to admit his feelings for her.

What a ridiculous notion, would you not agree? 

And yet, on second thoughts, the author may have a point. Continue reading “This Is What “13 Reasons Why” Really Teaches Us”


Short Story: The Veiled Girl Who Did Not Believe In God

“There is no God”, the girl said defiantly. Her hair was meticulously covered by a silky scarf tied in the style of Turkish actresses. Not a strand of hair could escape beneath the tight cap. Her face had been beautified with the aid of a range of cosmetics; her father and her teacher would argue that there had been too many. Underneath the short-sleeved, knee-length navy and white checkered school dress she wore a white long-sleeved t-shirt and several pairs of navy opaque stockings, all in spite of the summer heat. Overall, she adhered to the Islamic dress code.

“But how can you not believe?”, the other girl probed. Continue reading “Short Story: The Veiled Girl Who Did Not Believe In God”

On Being A Teenager: Can you please just let us be?

I have survived 2324 days of being a teenager (with 215 left), so I feel somewhat entitled to speak out from my experience of being a teenager. And let me tell you this: being a teenager sucks. There is no way around it. After all, some of the most significant changes in your life (to date) take place within a few short years, or sometimes even months. Isn’t that bound to be overwhelming?  Continue reading “On Being A Teenager: Can you please just let us be?”