Why We Should Celebrate International Women’s Day

I grew up in culture that celebrates International Women’s Day. And I mean really celebrates it: flowers, chocolates and cliché online greeting cards included. 

You see, “8th March” (as this occasion is known in Russian) is the Communists’ answer to Valentine’s Day.

And even though I am immensely grateful that the Communist era with its countless infringements of humans rights has passed, I am glad that “8th March” has outlived the Soviet Union and continues to be celebrated across the former Eastern Bloc. It is one of the very few things that the Communists got right and, in fact, I wish that the West would learn from them.  Continue reading “Why We Should Celebrate International Women’s Day”


On The Fear Of Embarassment

We fear to be considered many a thing. Unattractive. Wierd. Naive. Immature. Stupid.

Whichever trait we value most in others, that is the trait that we fear losing most. (If we believe that we did not possess the said trait in the first place, then we fear demonstrating the absence of the said trait.)

This fear is more commonly expressed as the fear of embarrassing oneself.

But what do we really fear when we say that we are afraid of embarrassing ourselves?  Continue reading “On The Fear Of Embarassment”