To All Struggling Students: On Faith and Studying

There has been many a book written and many a sermon served on the connection between spirituality and family life, in particular marriage and child-rearing. Motherhood is celebrated in many religions and marriage is presented as an essential to living a wholesome life. But what about those of us, who are too grown to be submitted to our parents’ will, but too young to have children to submit to our own will?

Is this season any less holy than any other season? In other words, is this time of our lives any easier or less difficult than other times?

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How Can I Be Praying For You?

If you come from non-religious background (like mine), you will probably be startled by this question the first time you hear it. It might make you feel uncomfortable or even downright angry, especially if you are an adamant atheist or a sceptical agnostic.

And there is a very good reason for your reaction.

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1000 Gifts: The Most Important Journalling Exercise You Will Ever Do

As with all things great, this journalling exercise is surprising in its simplicity.

All you have to do is list 1000 things (as well as people and experiences, of course) that you are grateful for.

Of course it is natural to begin with the “big things” in our lives; our health, our relationships and our careers.

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Why You Find Honour Killings So Repulsive

Many of us attempt to be tolerant and open-minded, perhaps even politically correct, but eventually we are bound to experience an encounter that will force us to reevaluate our values of acceptance and diversity.

Given the outraged tone in which honour killings are generally reported in Western media, it is safe to assume that honour killings are frequently the said encounter.

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How Christianity Subconsciously Affects Your Western Secular Thinking

I grew up in a country, where the overwhelming majority of people are atheist. Of course we celebrated Christmas and Easter and we all knew the relevant Biblical stories by heart, but it had never occurred to me that an adult of sound mind could find any spiritual meaning in those fairytales. That is, until I was nineteen years olden and had lived in Australia for eight years.

As I dabbled with different religions and interacted with people from diverse cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds, I realised that not only could these fairytales of my childhood carry philosophical ideas that directly applied to my life, but the morals behind them had affected (and continue to affect) my worldview more than I had realised.  Continue reading “How Christianity Subconsciously Affects Your Western Secular Thinking”