On Selfishness, Selflessness and Singleness

Often we tell single twenty-somethings that this time of their lives is for them, that they should enjoy it because they will never have as much time for themselves as they do now. And yet we wonder why fear of commitment abounds and divorce has become the new normal.

We assume that selfishness can be turned on and off. We forget that selflessness, Continue reading “On Selfishness, Selflessness and Singleness”


This Is What “13 Reasons Why” Really Teaches Us

If, like me, you have not finished watching the Netflix Original “13 Reasons Why” because you found the themes too confronting, the main character rather self-centred and most of the scenes overly dramatic, I will spare you thirteen precious hours of your life and tell you how the series ends: Clay Jensen realises that he could have prevented Hannah Baker’s suicide if he had only been brave enough to admit his feelings for her.

What a ridiculous notion, would you not agree? 

And yet, on second thoughts, the author may have a point. Continue reading “This Is What “13 Reasons Why” Really Teaches Us”

To All Struggling Students: On Faith and Studying

There has been many a book written and many a sermon served on the connection between spirituality and family life, in particular marriage and child-rearing. Motherhood is celebrated in many religions and marriage is presented as an essential to living a wholesome life. But what about those of us, who are too grown to be submitted to our parents’ will, but too young to have children to submit to our own will?

Is this season any less holy than any other season? In other words, is this time of our lives any easier or less difficult than other times?

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A Perfectionist’s Guide To Capsule Wardrobes

I came across the idea of a capsule wardrobe a few years ago and I have fallen in love with it (as well as the idea of minimalism in general) since then.

Eliminating the unnecessary clutter in our lives (both literal and metaphorical) to create room for the important stuff that we always seem too busy for? Yes, please!

Creating 20 outfits for all kinds of occasions, while owning 20 pieces of clothing? Teach me your ways!

After reading a bunch of different blogs, I have been able to considerably downsize my wardrobe. However, there is one thing that the perfectionist in me has had to accept (but not after a fair share of mental warfare). Continue reading “A Perfectionist’s Guide To Capsule Wardrobes”

Why We Should Celebrate International Women’s Day

I grew up in culture that celebrates International Women’s Day. And I mean really celebrates it: flowers, chocolates and cliché online greeting cards included. 

You see, “8th March” (as this occasion is known in Russian) is the Communists’ answer to Valentine’s Day.

And even though I am immensely grateful that the Communist era with its countless infringements of humans rights has passed, I am glad that “8th March” has outlived the Soviet Union and continues to be celebrated across the former Eastern Bloc. It is one of the very few things that the Communists got right and, in fact, I wish that the West would learn from them.  Continue reading “Why We Should Celebrate International Women’s Day”

On The Meaning Of Home

Home is a peculiar concept.

(Especially to those of us who cannot associate it with a specific physical location.)

However, here is what I have learnt in my nineteen years of longing for it.

(OK, probably not nineteen, since a newborn does not have the cognitive abilities to comprehend the concept of a “home”, but you get the idea.)  Continue reading “On The Meaning Of Home”

1000 Gifts: The Most Important Journalling Exercise You Will Ever Do

As with all things great, this journalling exercise is surprising in its simplicity.

All you have to do is list 1000 things (as well as people and experiences, of course) that you are grateful for.

Of course it is natural to begin with the “big things” in our lives; our health, our relationships and our careers.

However, if you are anything like the average human being, chances are that these are in various states of dismay. The purpose of this exercise is Continue reading “1000 Gifts: The Most Important Journalling Exercise You Will Ever Do”