To All Struggling Students: On Faith and Studying

There has been many a book written and many a sermon served on the connection between spirituality and family life, in particular marriage and child-rearing. Motherhood is celebrated in many religions and marriage is presented as an essential to living a wholesome life. But what about those of us, who are too grown to be submitted to our parents’ will, but too young to have children to submit to our own will?

Is this season any less holy than any other season? In other words, is this time of our lives any easier or less difficult than other times?

No, absolutely not.

Naturally, as time passes and as you acquire wisdom through difficult life lessons, you will be able to reminisce about this season. You will look back and the problems that you are facing now will see easily manageable. But right now you probably cannot imagine yourself reminiscing about this time of your life.

Right now, you might be overwhelmed by the choice of university degrees.

Right now, you might struggle to see any meaning in the repetitive practice exams.

Right now, you might be unable to accept the idea that your final exam results are not wholly within your control.

And that’s ok.

It’s simply a sign that your reading list is in dire need of the Bible or the Koran or any other text that will reassure that there is a loving force out there in the universe and that there is a purpose to your present struggles.

It’s also sign that your study schedule is in a dire need of some prayer or meditation or simple mindfulness that will clear your head and allow you to focus on what you can control in order to achieve your goals.

Because if you can’t find any happiness behind your study desk, you definitely won’t find it in your baby’s nursery or in your office.


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