A Perfectionist’s Guide To Capsule Wardrobes

I came across the idea of a capsule wardrobe a few years ago and I have fallen in love with it (as well as the idea of minimalism in general) since then.

Eliminating the unnecessary clutter in our lives (both literal and metaphorical) to create room for the important stuff that we always seem too busy for? Yes, please!

Creating 20 outfits for all kinds of occasions, while owning 20 pieces of clothing? Teach me your ways!

After reading a bunch of different blogs, I have been able to considerably downsize my wardrobe. However, there is one thing that the perfectionist in me has had to accept (but not after a fair share of mental warfare).

I will never be able to own the perfect capsule wardrobe.

I will never own 20 perfectly-fitting pieces with which I will never be able to create 20 perfectly-versatile outfits.

And I will always one one or two (or a few) of those pieces that only go with one outfit, but I like them far too much and the memories they carry are far too precious for me to be able to get rid of them just like that.


We’re only human.

And so, no matter how many life philosophies/approaches/hacks/etc. we create, none of them will ever fit our lives perfectly.


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