On The Meaning Of Home

Home is a peculiar concept.

(Especially to those of us who cannot associate it with a specific physical location.)

However, here is what I have learnt in my nineteen years of longing for it.

(OK, probably not nineteen, since a newborn does not have the cognitive abilities to comprehend the concept of a “home”, but you get the idea.) 

Everyone deserves to experience the feeling of home.

Of being safe.

Of being at peace. 

And everyone will experience it at some point in their lives.

Sometimes we find it with the people we should love.

Sometimes we do not.

Sometimes we need to find it elsewhere first, before we can learn to love where it was all along. 

But we will only experience it when we are willing and ready. 

For home is everywhere and anywhere we choose it to be. 

For home is the resolve to see the beauty around you and the courage to be vulnerable enough to be loved. 


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