On Social Media Or Why I Unfollowed Your Blog

The Internet as a whole, but especially social media allow us to create our own reality. This means that, for instance, we can physically emigrate, but mentally (and emotionally) we can remain attached to the reality of our original homeland by reading the same familiar newspapers, by watching the same familiar TV shows and gossiping about the same familiar people, but now in an online format. Perhaps in a less comprehensive example, a child (or a teenager) can continually rebel against their parents’ decision to relocate them to a different school by refusing to bond with their new classmates. Instead they choose to use their every spare minute to remain embroiled in the drama of their previous friendship group via their social media platform of choice, be it Skype, Snapchat or Instagram. It is precisely this ability to form and maintain substantial and often meaningful relationships with people who are not a part of our physical reality that makes social media so powerful. It is inevitable that at some point in our lives each and every single one of us will find ourselves isolated or perhaps simply emotionally distant from those who surround us. In these instances, it can be highly beneficial to virtually surround ourselves with the desired influences and to force virtual connections with people to whom we aspire and/or who are like-minded. However, one must always remember that this is only a temporary solution and must not become so disengaged with their physical reality so as to be unable to form a meaningful relationship arises.

To my mind, we are at our happiest when our most joyful daily moments are too personal, too specific, too intimate, too precious to be plastered all over a social media newsfeed. This is how we can know that we have been successful in forming meaningful relationships, thus discovering one of life’s greatest riches .


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