On Being A Teenager: Can you please just let us be?

I have survived 2324 days of being a teenager (with 215 left), so I feel somewhat entitled to speak out from my experience of being a teenager. And let me tell you this: being a teenager sucks. There is no way around it. After all, some of the most significant changes in your life (to date) take place within a few short years, or sometimes even months. Isn’t that bound to be overwhelming? 

Now, I am not saying that parents (and adults, in general) should try to “be on the same level” as teenagers. Please do not try to do that – you will simply end up making a fool of yourself. However, what you could do instead is simply let your teenager be. As they are.

Naive and cynical.

Full of themselves and full of hatred for themselves.

Emotionally volatile and emotionally numb.

Craving attention and loathing it.

And all of this at once.

Just let them be and watch them grow. However, if you feel like doing something more, then offer a non-judgemental and non-emotional listening ear (without expecting to be taken up on your offer, of course).

We are just human beings after all. And what we want most is to be taken seriously. Even if we do not appear to deserve it.


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