On Travelling

I have such a strong aversion to diasgreements of any kind that it is probably unhealthy. And so when I was talking to someone who said that they do not like travelling in any form, I immediately tried to find some common ground despite the fact that I can confidently say that I love travelling.

For the next few days after this conversation happened, I kept thinking about what I had said (as I usually do), as well as what I had not said.

Had I been too much of a people pleaser? 


However, I also came to an interesting realisation.

Perhaps travel is not something that we choose to like or dislike. Perhaps it is as essential to life in the 21st century as nourishment, shelter, etc. have always been. 

In a world where long-distance travel is more affordable and feasible than ever before,

in a world where armed conflict and oppressive regimes are becoming both more common and more destructive,

more and more people are finding themselves emotionally connected to far flung locations.

There are as many definitions of travelling as there are people; each one of us takes this simple activity and makes it our own.

Perhaps you dread the thought of visiting renowned historical sights, but look forward to visiting family overseas.

Perhaps you are terrified of flying, but dream of a lengthy cruise through clusters of tropical islands. 

Perhaps you loathe the idea of a group tour with a leader who is enthusiastic to the point of being seemingly unable to stop talking, and who prefers to sprint rather than walk, but the thought of driving into the sunset, alone with your thoughts and favourite music, keeps you sane during a long day at work. 

Perhaps if you hate travelling, you simply do not realise how much you travel.


7 thoughts on “On Travelling”

    1. Thank you!! I hope that someday flying becomes more pleasant for you and you will be able to visit all of the places that you would like to visit 🙂


  1. I love travelling!!! My parents instilled it in me at a young age. Every long weekend we would never be home when I was younger. We would take a road trip to Sequoia and go camping or we would drive up to San Francisco and spend the day there.


    1. Same here!! At some point I longed to spend at least one holiday or long weekend at home, but now I’m grateful for all the wonderful places that I’ve seen!;)
      Thank you so much for commenting x

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