An Ode to Lviv (Part 4): On Embroidered Shirts and Cultural Appropriation

“Don’t talk to me about cultural appropriation if you’re wearing an embroidered shirt and can’t tell me the meaning of the embroidered symbols.”

I wanted to post this as a caption to an Instagram post of me wearing a traditional embroidered shirt from Ukraine. But then I thought about all the different negative reactions that it could evoke. How someone could see it as racist. Or judgemental. Or self-centred. Or proud. And so I began writing a long self-justifying P.S. (just like this introduction!) that I decided would be better suited to a blog post. Continue reading “An Ode to Lviv (Part 4): On Embroidered Shirts and Cultural Appropriation”


An Ode to Lviv (Part 3): On Food (and Economics)

A word of warning: There will be no quality writing in this post and I do not vouch for the quality of the photos. There will be just food. And lots of it. 

Lviv is essentially heaven for the foodie on a budget. Thanks to the political instability in Ukraine since 2013, the Ukrainian Hryvnia is not among the strongest of the world’s currencies, meaning that for the foreign traveller, Ukraine is one thing – cheap. Continue reading “An Ode to Lviv (Part 3): On Food (and Economics)”

An Ode to Lviv (Part 2): On Creativity

Once, as I was researching a uni assignment on the education of refugee children, I read the argument that since destruction is the essence of war, peace is not the opposite of war; creativity is.

No matter which political position you take, it is difficult to deny that Ukraine is affected by the ongoing military conflict in its eastern regions. Continue reading “An Ode to Lviv (Part 2): On Creativity”

On Selfishness, Selflessness and Singleness

Often we tell single twenty-somethings that this time of their lives is for them, that they should enjoy it because they will never have as much time for themselves as they do now. And yet we wonder why fear of commitment abounds and divorce has become the new normal.

We assume that selfishness can be turned on and off. We forget that selflessness, Continue reading “On Selfishness, Selflessness and Singleness”

The Cure To Wanderlust

Growing up, I felt a constant desire to travel; to be elsewhere; to be there, where there is life happening. In other words, I was suffering from a severe case of mixed wanderlust and FOMO (fear of missing out).

Wanderlust is glorified by millennials and overseas travel is perceived as a compulsory rite of passage.

However, not all of us have the means or the desire to travel. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Now, I am absolutely certain that there are people out there, who genuinely enjoy the travel lifestyle and all the instability (read: traumatic adventures that teach you life lessons and become the funniest stories ever) that comes with it.

However, I am also certain, that Continue reading “The Cure To Wanderlust”

On The Fear Of Embarassment

We fear to be considered many a thing. Unattractive. Wierd. Naive. Immature. Stupid.

Whichever trait we value most in others, that is the trait that we fear losing most. (If we believe that we did not possess the said trait in the first place, then we fear demonstrating the absence of the said trait.)

This fear is more commonly expressed as the fear of embarrassing oneself.

But what do we really fear when we say that we are afraid of embarrassing ourselves?  Continue reading “On The Fear Of Embarassment”